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Part I - Foundations
  Chapter 1 Delphi 7 and Its IDE
  Chapter 2 The Delphi Programming Language
  Chapter 3 The Run-Time Library
  Chapter 4 Core Library classes
  Chapter 5 Visual Controls
  Chapter 6 Building the User Interface
  Chapter 7 Working with Forms
Part II - Delphi Object-Oriented Architectures
  Chapter 8 The Architecture of Delphi Applications
  Chapter 9 Writing Delphi Components
  Chapter 10 Libraries and Packages
  Chapter 11 Modeling and OOP Programming (with ModelMaker)
  Chapter 12 From COM to COM+
Part III - Delphi Database-Oriented Architectures
  Chapter 13 Delphi's Database Architecture
  Chapter 14 Client/Server with dbExpress
  Chapter 15 Working with ADO
  Chapter 16 Multitier DataSnap Applications
  Chapter 17 Writing Database Components
  Chapter 18 Reporting with Rave
Part IV - Delphi, the Internet, and a .NET Preview
  Chapter 19 Internet Programming: Sockets and Indy
  Chapter 20 Web Programming with WebBroker and WebSnap
  Chapter 21 Web Programming with IntraWeb
  Chapter 22 Using XML Technologies
  Chapter 23 Web Services and SOAP
  Chapter 24 The Microsoft .NET Architecture from the Delphi Perspective
  Chapter 25 Delphi for .NET Preview: The Language and the RTL
  Appendix A Extra Delphi Tools by the Author
  Appendix B Extra Delphi Tools from Other Sources
  Appendix C Free Companion Books on Delphi
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  List of Sidebars  

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List of Listings

Chapter 3: The Run-Time Library

Listing 3.1: The definition of the TObject class (in the System RTL unit)

Chapter 4: Core Library Classes

Listing 4.1: The Definition of the TPersistent Class, from the Classes Unit
Listing 4.2: The Public Portion of the Definition of the TStream Class

Chapter 5: Visual Controls

Listing 5.1: An XFM File (Left) and an Equivalent DFM File (Right)

Chapter 6: Building the User Interface

Listing 6.1: Key Portions of the DFM of the Pages Example
Listing 6.2: A Sample Manifest File (pages.exe.manifest)
Listing 6.3: The Actions of the Actions Example

Chapter 8: The Architecture of Delphi Applications

Listing 8.1: A Simple Unit for Testing Memory Leaks, from the ObjsLeft Example

Chapter 9: Writing Delphi Components

Listing 9.1: Code of the TMdFontCombo Class, Generated by the Component Wizard
Listing 9.2: A Component that Refers to an External Component Using an Interface
Listing 9.3: The Classes for a Collection and Its Items

Chapter 10: Libraries and Packages

Listing 10.1: The IntfColSel Unit of the IntfPack Package

Chapter 13: Delphi's Database Architecture

Listing 13.1: The DFM File of the MyBase1 Sample Program
Listing 13.2: The Public Interface of the TDataSet Class (Excerpted)

Chapter 14: Client/Server with dbExpress

Listing 14.1: The Core Method of the UniPrint Example

Chapter 16: Multitier DataSnap Applications

Listing 16.1: The Definition of the IAppServer Interface

Chapter 17: Writing Database Components

Listing 17.1: The DrawCell Method of the Custom RecordView Component
Listing 17.2: The Declaration of TMdCustomDataSet and TMdDataSetStream
Listing 17.3: The Contrib.INI File for the Demo Application
Listing 17.4: The InternalInitFieldDefs Method of the Stream-Based Dataset
Listing 17.5: The Complete Definition of the TMdObjDataSet Class

Chapter 19: Internet Programming: Sockets and Indy

Listing 19.1: The TFindWebThread Class (of the WebFind Program)

Chapter 20: Web Programming with WebBroker and WebSnap

Listing 20.1: The menu.html File Included in Each Page of the WSnap2 Example
Listing 20.2: AdapterPageProducer Settings for the WSnapTable Main Page
Listing 20.3: AdapterPageProducer Settings for the formview Page

Chapter 21: Web Programming with IntraWeb

Listing 21.1: Properties of the IWDBGrid in the IWGridDemo Example

Chapter 22: Using XML Technologies

Listing 22.1: The Sample XML Document Used by Examples in this Chapter

Chapter 24: The Microsoft .NET Architecture from the Delphi Perspective

Listing 24.1: The Project of the DestructorTest Example
Listing 24.2: The Unit of the DestructorTest Example

Chapter 25: Delphi for .NET Preview: The Language and the RTL

Listing 25.1: The ReflectionUnit Unit of the CLRReflection Example

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