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Part I - Foundations
  Chapter 1 – Delphi 7 and Its IDE
  Chapter 2 – The Delphi Programming Language
  Chapter 3 – The Run-Time Library
  Chapter 4 – Core Library classes
  Chapter 5 – Visual Controls
  Chapter 6 – Building the User Interface
  Chapter 7 – Working with Forms
Part II - Delphi Object-Oriented Architectures
  Chapter 8 – The Architecture of Delphi Applications
  Chapter 9 – Writing Delphi Components
  Chapter 10 – Libraries and Packages
  Chapter 11 – Modeling and OOP Programming (with ModelMaker)
  Chapter 12 – From COM to COM+
Part III - Delphi Database-Oriented Architectures
  Chapter 13 – Delphi's Database Architecture
  Chapter 14 – Client/Server with dbExpress
  Chapter 15 – Working with ADO
  Chapter 16 – Multitier DataSnap Applications
  Chapter 17 – Writing Database Components
  Chapter 18 – Reporting with Rave
Part IV - Delphi, the Internet, and a .NET Preview
  Chapter 19 – Internet Programming: Sockets and Indy
  Chapter 20 – Web Programming with WebBroker and WebSnap
  Chapter 21 – Web Programming with IntraWeb
  Chapter 22 – Using XML Technologies
  Chapter 23 – Web Services and SOAP
  Chapter 24 – The Microsoft .NET Architecture from the Delphi Perspective
  Chapter 25 – Delphi for .NET Preview: The Language and the RTL
  Appendix A – Extra Delphi Tools by the Author
  Appendix B – Extra Delphi Tools from Other Sources
  Appendix C – Free Companion Books on Delphi
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Chapter 24: The Microsoft .NET Architecture from the Delphi Perspective


Every few years a new technology comes along that turns our industry upside down. Some of these technologies thrive, some mutate into something else, and many are revealed to be half-baked marketing fluff. Almost in military fashion, the arrival of a new technology is invariably preceded by an artillery barrage of hype. Experienced programmers know to keep their heads down until the hype barrage subsides. After all, the proof will be in the technical pudding, so to speak.

Your reaction to Microsoft's .NET initiative will depend somewhat on your background. If you have previous experience with Java or Delphi, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. But, if you have been slogging it out in the trenches writing applications for Windows in C++ (or, heaven forbid, in C), you might be overwhelmed with joy.

The purpose of this chapter is to explain some of the technologies that make up the .NET initiative and to show how they fit into the world of Windows programming in general and Delphi programming in particular. We will begin by installing and configuring the Delphi for .NET Preview compiler. Then we will broadly cover some of the .NET technologies. Finally, we will discuss these technologies in greater detail, weaving in some Delphi code for illustration.


This chapter and the following one were by Marco with extensive help from John Bushakra, who works for Borland's RAD tools documentation department.

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