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Delphi Sources - Delphi: программы, исходники, серийники

Delphi Sources - Delphi: программы, исходники, серийники



Donations on support and development of the Delphi Sources project.
The huge request with understanding to concern to written below.

DelphiSources.ru – non-commercial project, developing exclusively on my personal enthusiasm. Unfortunately it is necessary to pay for a good web-hosting, therefore I as the administrator of the project with pleasure shall accept any donations which will be directed on the further development of a web-site.

If you decide to translate any amount to support of Delphi Sources, in this case it's possible at several ways, resulted below.

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   The transfer of the money possible to realize having pressed on button "PayPal Donate" and follow the further system instruction.

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If you had questions or wishes, you can communicate with me by means of this form.

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